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Do you need branded stationery for your school or office, or maybe you just need a promotional desk bound gift to give your clients. Branded stationery reminds your client of your business.

We have nurtured close relationships with our clients who rely on us for all their marketing needs. We provide a one-stop service to all our customers as far as procurement, design and delivery is concerned, and as such we are able to source a wide variety of products. We are a proudly 100% Black woman owned company specialising in Marketing, Promotional Gifts & Clothing in Durban, KZN.
Chameleon Media Marketing supplies a wide range of Corporate or Promotional Products, Gifts and Clothing. Please send enquiry to

Corporate and Promotional Clothing
Active Wear, Corporate Wear, Fleece, Golf Shirt, Headwear, Jacket, Kiddies, Knitwear, Lounge Shirt, Sweater, T Shirt, Tracksuit, Trousers

Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products
Barron Gifting, Bags, Drinkware, Folders and Notebooks, Leisure and Outdoor, Novelties, Office Accessories, Tools, Writing Instruments


Methods range from printing, pad printing, silkscreening, sandblasting, engraving and embroidering.

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 Barrons Clothing and Gifts Catalogue

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